Youth Nights


  • Peter Haas, Pastor at Substance Church
    ``DJ Kirk is an amazing asset for your event! He's tasteful, hip and incredibly talented. He's skilled at being an entertainer, and he's super fun to watch... a real professional``
  • Richard Baker, Student Reach MN
    ``DJ Kirk can bring energy, excitement, entertainment and excellence to your event. He has exceeded my expectations every time I have had him out.``
  • Jeff Grenell, Founder of Ythology, National Evangelist
    ``I have worked with a lot of people in Youth Ministry for more than 30 years. When you get a chance to work with a young man who gets it, it is refreshing. DJ Kirk can handle the crowd, brings a ton of energy, understands young people, is a servant to everyone around him, and works his craft with excellence. What is most appealing about him, however, is that his life is in order. I highly recommend Kirk to you and your events.``
  • David Bauchspiess, Youth Director
    ``DJ Kirk was just what we needed during the pre service times at our district youth convention. His heart to serve, creative spirit, and ability to engage and interact with middle and high school students from the stage really helped to start our services with energy and fun. We will have him back again!``
  • Mark and Kim Berggen, Newlyweds
    ``My wife and I are so thankful we called DJ Kirk! From the moment we were announced at our reception to the last song of the night, DJ Kirk created a smooth, stress free and energetic atmosphere. This isn't some guy with an iPod, he served the party by mixing the perfect playlist and kept dozens on the dance floor. Kirk wasn't just our DJ, he was our friend through the planning process and made sure we were honored on our special day. We would highly recommend him to everyone!
  • Margaret Townsend, Legacy High School
    ``DJ Kirk is a high energy DJ that is a perfect fit for high school dances! He kept the crowd engaged and on the dance floor. As an advisor, I appreciated his professionalism and easy-to-work with attitude!

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